Here we gonna write down about our story.

No.0  Taichi and Kiyoka came back to Japan -------------------------------------------Sepember, 2004

No.1  Taichi and Kiyoka came to Beppu where is my home town.---------------------------October,2004

No.2  Taichi and Kiyoka went to many place in Japan.------------------------------------October,2004-June,2005

No.3  I was going to live with Taichi and Kiyoka.-----------------------------------------10,July,2005

No.4 We moved from Beppu---------------------------------------------------------31,July,2005

No.5 We went to Gifu for fishing at river and dancing-------------------------------------August,2005

No.6 We went to Neba village Nagano for selling our art goods------------------------------August,2005

No.7  Taichi and Nyanchi went to Irago for surfing during Kiyoka went to Yamaguchi for studying---end of August,2005

No.8 We made our house in our car.---------------------------------------------------September,2005

No.9 I left from Taichi and Kiyoka in Christmas Eve 2005. Bound for Glory!!!

No.10 Thak you for reading my story. See you somewhere!!

ニャ− m(v_v)m。

Name       : Goro Nyanko Sensei (Nick name is Nyanchi)

Sex       : Male
Old        : Young
Home town  : Beppu in Japan
Type      : Tiger color
Charm point  : Sharpen nails

Family      : Taichi and Kiyoka
Special skill   : nee drop, catch bags, scratch
favorite place : Dashboard, At our feet of drivers seet.
favorite color : Blue 
favorite food  : Cat food and Pudding.

Foot prints of Nyanko-sensei

It was July. I opened the door of our apartment. A cat which never seen befor was there.

He has no scarely about human. Next moment he was in our apartment.

We allowed that he stay our house for rest.

Three months lator, We moved our apartment, but a cat is still with us.

Now the cat is taraveling around Japan with us. He became our family.

Now let's change M.C. to Nyanko-sensei(master cat). then please let him introduce his profile.

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